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What is a CVV, and how do I change my CVV settings?

what is a cvc credit card

Depending on the bank that issued the card, the CVV code may also be called, CSC, CVVC, CVC, CVC2, CCV, CVV2, or iCVV.

PayJunction's Trinity System can be configured to check the CVV pin code associated with a card.  The system can reject the transaction if the pin code doesn't match.

PayJunction allows you to configure your CVV security settings "Per each Service, Per each Terminal."  For example, if you have two terminal accounts (one for swiped transactions, and one for keyed transactions), you may have different CVV settings for your Virtual Terminal services.

Contrary to popular belief, CVV pin codes generally do not reduce your credit card processing fees.  However, CVV is very useful in protecting your business from fraud and is recommended.

New accounts established with PayJunction will have the ideal security settings for safety by default.

Follow these steps to configure your accounts AVS settings.

  1. Click the Settings / Settings Overview tab at the top of the page.
  2. Click the Update Settings button in Terminal panel for the account you would like to modify the security settings for.

  • Click on the service you would like to update the security settings for.

    Click the Virtual Terminal Security button to change the security settings for transactions processed through your web browser.

    Click the QuickLink API Security button to change the security settings for E-Commerce and custom application transactions (note: the QuickLink API Security settings can be overridden on a per transaction basis by your website or custom application, if no security settings are specified with your E-Commerce transactions, the setting you establish here will apply).

    Click the QuickShop Security button to change the security settings for your add to card buttons and hosted check out pages.

  • Set CVV/CVC2 to On to enable the screening of customers' credit card pin codes.
  • If your CVV security setting is configured to require a match, you may further customize the behavior of your CVV check:

    Reject if CVV/CVC2 is not supported - Some banks do not support this type of check; this usually applies to foreign credit cards.  Check this options if you want to decline credit cards that are not capable of pin code verification.

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