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What is a dual credit

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What is Dual Credit?

Dual credit is a program that allows high school students to enroll in college courses for credit prior to high school graduation. College credits earned through dual credit can be applied toward high school and college graduation and can be transferred to other colleges or universities.

To be eligible to take dual credit courses delivered on a high school campus, students must be academically prepared for the demands of college-level coursework, meet any university listed course prerequisite(s), and have junior status. Students who have not completed the prerequisites to a course for which they are otherwise eligible may register for the course with the instructor’s approval (General Catalog B-5 ) .  Students who do not have junior status may submit a petition to the high school principal’s office.  Petitions will be reviewed by the counselor, high school instructor of record, and university faculty liaison.  Final approval to register will be indicated by the high school instructor’s signature on the High School Dual Credit Registration form.

Students wishing to take courses delivered on the University of Idaho campus must be 16 years of age, or have completed at least half of their high school graduation requirements, and are academically prepared for the rigors of college-level coursework.


Dual credit eases the transition to college by giving students firsthand exposure to college-level work while earning high school and college credit simultaneously. Dual credit also provides a wider range of course options for high school students. Courses may be taught at the high school campus, the university campus, or online depending on the arrangements made with the high school. Through this program, dual credit students can accumulate college credits prior to entering college that will help them graduate early or on time.

Dual Credit Courses

Courses on University of Idaho Moscow Campus

Dual Credit students may take any course the university offers, provided they meet all prerequisites or the instructor grants permission. A full list of courses is available at Students should check this schedule one to two days before courses start as class locations may change at the last minute. » View Class Schedule

Online Courses

Courses in High Schools

The University of Idaho offers dual credit courses on several high school campuses across the state. By enrolling in and successfully completing these courses, students earn credit from the University of Idaho. The following list shows courses that are available to be taught in Idaho high schools. Students and parents should check with high school counselors for a list of courses offered in their high school. » View High School Courses

How to Enroll

First-time dual credit students. or those who have not taken courses from the University of Idaho within the past two years, are required to complete an Online Admissions application.  This process admits students to the university and creates a student ID number.  All students who apply online will receive a “Thank you, your application has been received” message right after submission, both onscreen and then by email if one has been provided.  After the application is processed, an acceptance letter with the student ID number and login instructions is sent to the student via email. If an email is not provided, the

letter is mailed USPS. In most cases, letters go out within a week of application. Once the online application is successfully submitted, students should proceed with the steps outlined below.

Continuing dual credit students. or those who have taken courses from the University of Idaho within the past two years, are already active students in our system and do not need to go through the online admission process.  They may proceed with the steps outlined below.

  1. Download the Registration FormPlease Note: First-time dual credit students who have just gone through the online admission process may not have their student ID numbers when they fill out their registration form, so this field may be left blank.  The Registrar’s Office will fill it in when they receive the registration form. Continuing students who do not have (or can’t remember) their student ID may call the ITS HELP DESK at (208) 885-HELP.
  2. Se lect a Course.
High school counselors will help students choose from a list of courses that can fulfill high school graduation requirements and lay the foundation for an academic future. For courses that require placement scores (like English, math, or chemistry) ACT, SAT, or COMPASS scores help determine which course students are qualified to take. If students have taken the ACT or SAT and find their scores unsatisfactory, placement may be challenged by taking the COMPASS English or math test and scoring higher. If students have not taken the ACT or SAT, COMPASS English and math tests are administered by the University of Idaho Counseling and Testing Center Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on a walk-in basis. Each test costs $15 (payable by personal check or money order) and takes approximately 45-60 minutes to complete. Contact the Counseling and Testing Center by calling (208) 885-6716 or visiting their office in Mary E. Forney Hall, Room 306. Photo ID is required. Please Note: If students wish to take a University of Idaho math course offered through their high school, they are exempted from taking the math placement test. The University of Idaho Class Schedule is available at .
  • Complete the registration form and get all the necessary signatures.  Please Note: State statute requires both the parent and the student signature, regardless of the student’s age.  Student, counselor or principal, and parent or guardian signatures are all required.  Home-schooled students enroll in much the same manner, except the parent/guardian will sign both the Parent/Guardian signature line and the High School Counselor signature line.
  • Refer to the Fee Payment section under the Fees & Payments link for instructions.
  • Receive Acceptance Letter from the University of Idaho . Students should keep this letter handy. It contains information regarding your University of Idaho identity, which will be needed in the future to access UIDAHO online tools and resources.
  • Confirm class schedule on Vandal Web .
  • Get books at the UI Bookstore  if applicable.
  • Online Admissions

    You may apply online for admissions to the University of Idaho as a Dual Credit student.

    Below are a few tips to help you during the process of filling out the application.  Once an application has been successfully submitted, students will receive a notification via email if an email is provided.

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