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What is a flex mortgage

what is a flex mortgage

Driven With You In Mind.

Company Overview

Our strategy.

Mortgage Origination is the foundation of our business. Our strategy is to provide mortgage originators a totally integrated system that is easy to use, highly scalable and reduces costs.

Our history.

In 1980, while working as a consultant at Arthur Young & Company (now Ernst & Young), Lester Dominick identified the need for information technology consulting services specifically for mortgage lending. Following through on his findings, Lester founded a successful consulting company focused solely on this market.

In the early 80’s, Lester was intrigued by newly introduced microcomputer technology and began utilizing the technology in his consulting firm. He quickly recognized the potential for cost effective microcomputers to replace expensive mainframes and minicomputers for business applications and started building software applications using this new technology. After receiving encouragement from his consulting clients, he decided to re-focus the company to build software applications for the mortgage industry.

Thirty-three years later, Lester continues to lead the company. The company’s flagship product, LoanQuest, is a full featured lending technology platform for originating, selling, and servicing mortgage loans. MortgageFlex maintains its mission to make mortgage lending simple and efficient for lenders of all sizes through the use of advanced technologies. MortgageFlex provides software and hosting services to Banks, Credit Unions, Mortgage Lenders, and State Housing Agencies.

The LoanQuest product line has experienced a technical metamorphosis through the years, from DOS, to UNIX, to Windows, and

now Microsoft .NET. The new technologies incorporated in LoanQuest offer significant improvements in all areas of development including mobile,  the presentation layer, business rule engine, workflow system, communications layer, imaging capabilities, and business intelligence tools. These technologies are being used to build more efficient electronic loan delivery systems, compliance engines, product and pricing engines, integration services and data services to support business intelligence gathering.

Acknowledging that all lenders have unique needs and “one size fits all” solutions are not the right choice for everyone, MortgageFlex prides itself for offering individualized solutions to fit the diverse needs of each individual client and being a trusted and reliable business partner.

As an entrepreneurship, MortgageFlex respects the need for system diversity and recognizes the flexibility required to compete in today’s lending market. The LoanQuest system is a culmination of industry best practices that empowers lenders to explore new income avenues while being confident that their compliance and daily requirements are met.

The system provides extensive user configuration flexibility of the core system and an easy to use tool set for additional system tailoring. The technology puts lenders in control of their system functionality, not the vendor. Lenders can build to their strengths while enhancing staff performance, increasing capacity and improving quality and customer service.

LoanQuest lets lenders stand apart from their competitors while being fully supported by MortgageFlex’s more than thirty years of experience and dedication to staying current with industry standards, compliance, and new technology.

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