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What is a flooring line of credit

what is a flooring line of credit

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" 2 1/4" Prefinished Solid Red Oak Flooring - Character Grade

Board Lengths: Standard 2' to 10' Lengths (this is important)

UUPDATE: The flooring itself is very good. plenty of mid to long lengths, very few "shorts", and so far no pieces that are absolutely uninstallable. As "character grade" there are a lot of small knots, dark streaks, wild grain swirls and color variations. That is what I wanted.

The owner, Eric, e-mailed me with an apology. My order and probably a few others fell through the gap that happens when business increases rapidly and hiring can't keep up with the need. Follow-up notifications failed to happen, and he has made changes to his business processes to make sure it doesn't fail again.

He has also ordered a box-making tool so that in future shipments 10-foot boards won't be hanging out of 8-foot boxes.


Communication with customers very poor, packaging the same.

COMMUNICATION: (Eric?) said they'd let me know, by e-mail, when the flooring shipped so I could drive almost 400 miles to the installation site and meet the truck. They said they would give me the tracking number in that e-mail so I could trace the shipment.

They didn't e-mail! They didn't call! They didn't call back when I called them, even when the new guy said they would!

The product shipped 8/1/2013. By the time I finally got a tracking number from (over the phone August 9th only because I called them), the product had already been handed over from the long haul shipper to the local delivery truckers. So the tracking number I finally dragged out of didn't work any more.

The long haul truckers were better at customer service, and could

tell me what company had taken custody of the shipment on August 7th. A couple more phone calls and the flooring was delivered.

PACKAGING: Here's a clue for's finishing plant - you shouldn't stuff 10-foot planks into 8-foot boxes and call it "packaging". At least have the brains to cut a short box in half and slide it over the boards hanging out and tape the boxes together. You know, to keep the boards from going all over the back of the truck if the truck stops all of a sudden.

The finishing plant possibly connected a couple of pallets together with something (the pallets were held together by the flooring when the shipment reached me), strapped the boxes onto the pallets hard enough to damage a few boards where the straps crossed the boxes, with boards hanging out of about a third of the boxes, and sent it off in an 18-wheeler from Virginia to New Mexico. I don't know whether the finishing plant or a trucking company wrapped the plastic around the exposed boards trying to protect them or keep them from falling out of the boxes in transit. I don't know where along the route the shipment was dropped hard enough to shatter one of the pallets.

Would buying pallets big enough for your shipping boxes bankrupt you? Have you heard of padding the strapping tape so it doesn't gouge into the product?

It's to the credit of the trucking companies and their warehouse crew's ability to handle badly packaged shipments that the boards hanging out of boxes strapped to a busted-up pallet and a pallet in good condition arrived in reasonably good condition.

FLOORING: This could have been a really bad review. Fortunately hardwood flooring is extremely tough, because the boards survived the packing and shipping in installable condition. "

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