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What is a good apr credit card

what is a good apr credit card

If you are concerned with the APR, you shouldn't be getting a credit card.

If you aren't going to pay the balance in full each and every month, you shouldn't be getting a credit card.

Of course, if you are paying your balance in full, the APR doesn't matter. I honestly have no idea what the rate is on any of my cards.

I have to agree. In almost all cases, a credit card is NOT the answer for any sort of short term money needs. Interest rates are simply way too high. I honestly have don't know what all of the interest rates are on my credit cards (I never pay interest, because I pay off my statement balance every month). But I think mine range from 11% to 20%. In general, the best APR's that you'll find on credit cards (not counting low-interest introductory offers between 0-3%) is around 9-12%. If I'm not being clear, that

is an exorbitant cost of borrowing.

If you have a true need for a short-term loan, you should look at getting an unsecured loan from a bank/credit union. Rates on unsecured loans generally range from 6-10%, and the interest rates are typically fixed (unlike credit cards, where the rate is typically variable).

Really, there is no reason you should need to borrow money with a credit card, or an unsecured loan, or whatever. If your monthly expenses are too high, start cutting costs. If you're planning to make a large one-time purchase, save up the money for it over time, then buy it in cash when you have enough saved to cover it. If you have some sort of emergency expense comes up & you need a large chunk of cash all at once. you should have an emergency fund in place to cover this sort of thing.

Bottom line: Savings is WAAAAY better for you than debt.

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