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How do I clear my credit record after cancelling my debt review?

how do i clear my credit record

Anonymous asked July 15, 2014

Dear debtsafe,

I need to clear my credit record after voluntary cancelling my debt review in June 2012.

I did settle all creditors that was listed, and also obtained the form 17.4 from my debt councilor. The only creditors outstanding is my Bond account and vehicle finance.

Can you assist in removing the Debt Review from all the various credit bureau’s so that my credit record will be clear? (And if possible, at what cost?)

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Wikus Olivier Staff July 15, 2014

Hi Jacques

Thanks for the question.

Congratulations on settelting those accounts. It must have been quite a journey.

The debt review process has been specifically designed to get consumers active in the credit market again after they have settled their debt.

All you need to do is to apply

for a clearance certificate with any debt counsellor. In order to issue the clearance certificate you will have to obtain a letter from all the credit providers involved that confirms the debt has been settled in full.

The debt counsellor will then draw up the certificate and send it through to all the relevant credit providers. He will also issue you with a copy of the certificate.

You can then contact the credit bureaus directly and send them your clearance certificate. they must then, according to the National Credit Act, remove all indications that you were ever subject to a debt review.

Usually the debt counsellors will ask in the region of R300. The best debt counsellor to ask for this would be your own DC.

If you would like us to assist you with this you are more than welcome to send all your information to

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