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Hard Pull vs. Soft Pull on Credit Reports

what is a hard credit pull

A hard pull. as you are referring to it, is when you know that someone is pulling your credit report. Such as when you are shopping for a mortgage, a car, a credit card etc. These credit inquiries are done with your complete knowledge and permission.

Do you get pre-approved credit cards and pre-approved loan offers in the mail? I’m sure you do. These are the soft hits on your credit that you really have NO knowledge of. These happen when you get a loan and the creditor shares or even sell your name to other credit companies, so that they can try and get your business as


I would suggest that you put a stop to it! This way the only one pulling your credit is the creditors you want to pull your credit. Go to - this web site is Opt Out Pre-screen. This site allows you to stop having creditors look in to your credit life. This sould stop your Pre-approvals and credit offers in the mail. This option will also stop a great deal of the junk mail that you get everyday.

Another up side to opting out is, your credit score in most cases will increase around 15 points because these soft inquiries are not hapening anymore.

Answered over 6 years ago

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