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What is a high credit limit

what is a high credit limit

High Limit Credit Cards

High limit credit cards are your reward for excellent credit.

Anyone searching for credit cards for excellent credit already knows the major perk: a high credit limit for essentially all your purchases.

High credit limit credit cards generally require excellent credit and, while they may require a marginal annual fee, one of the benefits of having a high limit credit card is simplifying your expenses. No more accidentally exceeding your credit limit. No more splitting costs between credit cards. Just one of our recommended high limit credit cards in your wallet is all you'll need. Check your credit score to see if you qualify and browse through our experts’ picks for high limit

credit cards below.

Credit cards with high limits do more than just make your spending simple; they improve your personal finances, too. How? Consider that the average high limit credit card features lower interest rates and in many cases better rewards programs.

Plus, having a high credit limit means lowering your credit utilization ratio and improving your credit score. It's important for consumers to use less than 30% of their available credit, but it's ideal to use less than 10%. Adding a high limit credit card to your credit profile goes a long way towards lowering that credit utilization ratio, making it especially useful for consumers with good credit hoping to jump into the excellent credit tier.

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