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Do You Think I Will Be Able to Collect Unemployment

how do i collect unemployment benefits

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Do You Think I Will Be Able to Collect Unemployment

My question involves unemployment benefits for the state of: New Jersey


Here is my situation. At the end of August, I was terminated from my position for poor work performance. I had only been there a few months. I was at my previous employer for over 4 years. In the termination letter, it said, "You are eligible for New Jersey unemployment insurance." The HR director also said that day that the company wouldn't contest my unemployment claim. She says they only contest if the person does something blatantly wrong.

I filed for unemployment and got a letter in the mail scheduling me for a fact finding appointment saying, "You may have been separated for misconduct in connection with your work." I called the HR director at my old company, thinking they were disputing my claim, and she said that is just standard procedure in NJ and again said the company wasn't going to contest my claim.

I had my interview this morning. The company never sent the form back, and the claims examiner called the HR Director and asked her if she would be participating. I heard the HR Director say, "There is no need. We're not disputing the claim." The claims examiner asked me about the

terms of my separation. I told her what happened. The job was a lot more difficult than what was in the job description when I signed on, plus the person who was supposed to be training me was only a temp and doesn't come in half the time, so I was on my own. I said anyone would have had a tough time under those circumstances. She also asked if I had been put on a PIP plan or given any written warnings and I said no. She also asked if I was actively looking for work. I said yes.

I am just worried by what the claims examiner said at the end. She said that within 2 weeks, I would receive the letter from unemployment determining my eligibility. She said to me, "If your benefits are approved, you will get checks for the previous 4 weeks. IF you are denied, feel free to appeal." Is there any reason my benefits will be denied? Does the claims examiner just have to say that? Are they just not allowed to tell you on the phone if you are approved or not? The company didn't even dispute my claim. Now on the NJ Unemployment website it says my claim has been pended. I am just worried because I have never been through this before. I'd appreciate any advice on this. Thank you.

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