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What is a hope credit

what is a hope credit

What grade must I earn for the course to transfer?

You must earn a C or above. Credit for transferable courses with grades of C- or below transfer only if the cumulative GPA at the other school is 2.00 or above.

I didn't do well in a course at my previous school. Can I retake it at Hope?

If you choose to retake any transferred course at Hope, your transfer credit will be deleted. Credit cannot be awarded for the same course twice. If you failed the course at your previous school, you may retake it at Hope for credit.

Can transfer credit complete requirements for general education, majors and/or minors?

If the course is equivalent to a Hope course that completes a requirement, it will count toward that requirement. A course that does not transfer as an exact equivalent to a Hope course may be requested to count for a requirement with paperwork that may be filed after enrollment at Hope. However, students must complete the Global Learning – Domestic (GLD) and Global Learning – International (GLI) requirements at Hope College. Transfer credit cannot be used to complete these requirements.

General Education. If the credits are different at the other school, the Transfer Equivalency System notes if the course does not completely fulfill the requirement. A complete list of general education requirements can be found here.

Major and/or Minor. If the credits are different at the

other school, check with your major or minor department about the missing credit(s). You may have to make up the credit within the total number of credits required for the major or minor. Major and minor requirements are available on individual department webpages here.

What if the course is 3 credits at the other school, but it’s a 4-credit course at Hope?

A 3-credit course will transfer as 3 credits; credit hours are never changed in transfer. Three-credit courses sometimes do not satisfy 4-credit Hope College requirements. It is noted in the Transfer Equivalency System if the course does not complete a general education requirement because of missing credits.

Why can’t a statistics course at another school transfer as Hope’s Math 210? Why is it listed as Math 0110: Statistics Transfer Credit?

Hope’s Math 210 course offers a unique lab component that is not available at other schools. The Math Department has determined that it will award Math 0110: Statistics Transfer Credit for transferable statistics courses, instead of Math 210. Some departments that require statistics will allow this course to substitute for Math 210. Students cannot earn credit for Math 0110 AND Math 210. Math 0110 credit completes the math requirement for the general education curriculum.

Units indicate how many credits the course is worth at the other school and at Hope College. Credit hours are never changed in transfer. Quarter credit schools are indicated in the note section.

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