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Welcome friends, family & curious minds to Petite Kitchen.

Simple is not a word honored in today’s busy lifestyle. However, it is from this very word that this little blog began. Petite Kitchen is created from my heart, every recipe encapsulates my experiences of personal research, trial and test. Resulting in each recipe created as nature intended it to be, simple!

The road to simple eating began when our 4 year old daughter Izabella, developed what was seemingly incurable severe eczema. After countless visits to doctors and specialists, nobody could shine light on her condition, nor explain the impact it had on her behavior. In seamless despair, we visited a Naturopath, who explained to us that Izabella was suffering from Gut and Psychology Syndrome (also known as GAPS), which is an imbalance of bad gut bacteria causing toxins, which was resulting in the eczema and her extreme mood fluctuations.

The remedy? To eliminate grain, sugar, additives and preservatives from her diet, and adopt a simple, clean way of eating that our generations seemed to have lost sight of.

It has been almost 4 years since we have changed our way of eating, and I am happy to tell you that our little girl is back. Her eczema and her behavioral problems

are now a distant memory. Not only has this change in diet helped our little girl in a way I cant even explain, the impact it has had on my husband, my one year old son and of course myself, have been almost unbelievable. Energy, positivity and a new lease on life now graces our home.

Petite Kitchen is the nurtured result of this transformation. It is inspiring that food, the very item that is causing obesity, depression and health epidemics of unfathomable proportions, is also the very thing that can be used to cure, cleanse and fix our body and mind.

The recipes that you find on Petite Kitchen, will nourish every aspect of your life. Simply by exchanging sugar and grains for whole, natural and unprocessed alternatives you can enjoy life’s delicious pleasures whilst creating positivity in both your mental and physical life.

Enjoy, look, and ask, but most of all, I invite you to taste. Get lost for the afternoon in your kitchen. This is the essence of my mission, to provide others with the joy and lifestyle that has graced our family. All by the execution of one little word, Simple.

Eleanor x

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