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I need a loan mod - Which is the best (or most reputable) loan mod company?

what is a loan mod

I've tried to contact the bank myself to no avail.

Maybe a loan modification specialist company is better. However, I'm worried about scams, rip-offs, and frauds.


Best Answer: Finding a good modification company is very risky and frustrating at this time.

Every company is calling themselves as "reputable" and "experienced". Although some of them can be really an honest company, it would be very difficult to find out the true before giving them any money.

I have seen many of these companies ripping off a lot of homeowners. Even I know attorneys that they don't know what they are doing!

You have two options:

1.- Look for people that already successfully modified their loan and

ask for the name of the company that modified their loan. Understand that when making a loan modification, usually will not lower your balance to match the present house price.

2.- Learn to do your own modification and learn how to defend yourself. You may find that there are many ways to fight for your house and EVEN KEEP YOUR HOUSE FREE AND CLEAR.

See this guy (he defended by himself):

The best source of information available on the internet to learn and do the same step by step, is at the following link:

The site of is a good source of information also.

This video can also give you more ideas to defend yourself:

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