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What is a loan signing agent

what is a loan signing agent

Signing Agent Issues

The Situation: A notary signing agent has been called for his first home loan closing. He is excited and nervous and does not want to make any mistakes.

The Notary’s Dilemma: Our signing agent knows that he needs to make a good first impression on the borrower. He knows he must

The Solution: As a Notary Signing Agent, it’s imperative that you immediately put the borrower at ease by presenting a professional appearance. To the borrower, you are a complete stranger that he is inviting into his home to conduct a sensitive business transaction. When he opens the door to his home to allow you to enter, his first impression of you will come from the way you are dressed to conduct this important transaction.

Moreover, to the borrower, you represent each company that had a hand in preparing the loan he will be executing with you. It’s quite possible that your signing appointment will be the only personal encounter the borrower has in the entire loan process. As far as clothing is concerned, a crisp, neat, business casual outfit is an absolute must.

Seeing that you are wearing a professional-looking name badge, and being able to immediately see your name, professional affiliation and title, can help reassure your client. The best style is a hard plastic badge about the size of a business card, with the information engraved/inscribed on it in contrasting type. A magnetic fastener is the kindest to your clothes.

Presenting a professional-looking business card to the borrower upon entering his home is another sure way to indicate that you are serious about the business of being a signing agent. Have your card ready, and offer it promptly upon greeting the borrower.

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