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how do i credit check a company

Whatever the nature of your business, there will almost certainly have been times when you’ve had to ask yourself questions such as “Who exactly am I dealing with?”, “Will they pay me and when?” or “How much can I supply to them and on what terms?”

Whether these concerns relate to existing or prospective customers, the only way to answer them is by having a clear, up-to-date insight into each business’s associated risks. To do that you need access to up-to-the-minute credit data, a clear understanding of the company’s current and historical financial status (i.e. performing a company credit check) and quick and easy ways to keep yourself informed.

Receive insightful business credit reports from D&B

To enable you to do this, and profitably grow your customer base without increasing your risk exposure, D&B delivers the largest, most comprehensive database providing business credit reports and the most reliable risk and financial insight on more than 223.1 million organisations worldwide.

Added value risk solutions

To help you easily make sense of, benefit from and track all this data in the way that best suits

your needs, we also provide an extensive portfolio of added value online risk management solutions including:

  • DNBi : Gives you a constantly updated overview of your entire risk portfolio, all in one place
  • DNBi Decision Maker : Adds value to DNBi by adding automated decision making, and improving your workflow and control over your organisation’s credit risk
  • DBAI : Enables you to access an unrivalled range of business and consumer credit reports with the detailed insight needed to assess global financial risk
  • DBAI ePortfolio : Adds value to DBAI by keeping you updated with the latest business changes
  • GRS : Our daily updated global reference database of all the people and businesses linked to your customers worldwide
  • Portfolio Manager : Merges your receivables data with D&B's risk information to deliver unique insights into your portfolio
  • Global Decision Maker : Improves the consistency and automation of your credit decision making process

Get your questions answered

Between them, these risk management solutions enable you to address key issues and answer major questions affecting your risk portfolio, including:

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