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How to Get a Free Credit Report When Denied Credit

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By LaToya Irby. Credit/Debt Management Expert

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The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) gives you the right to a free credit report when you’ve been denied credit. The law requires the company that denied you to send an adverse action letter to you. You then have 60 days to order your free credit report. This adverse action letter will include details about which credit bureau denied you and how to order your free credit report.

Free Credit Report Only From One Bureau

You can only order a free credit report when denied credit from the credit bureau who provided the report used in the decision. For example, if the lender used an Equifax

credit report to deny your application, you can only order a free Equifax credit report. Note that the company, not the credit bureau, made the decision not to lend.

No Free Credit Report When Credit's Not a Factor

You can only order the free credit report when denied credit when the information in your credit report was the reason you were denied.

For example, if you were denied because your income was too low, you don’t qualify for a free credit report under this particular section of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

You Still Get an Annual Credit Report

The credit report you get when you're denied credit is an extra credit report and doesn't have an impact on the annual credit report that you can order once a year from the three credit bureaus.

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