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How do i get a stafford loan

how do i get a stafford loan

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Did you check the lender's website? They won't send you any official notice. Normally you tell your school which lender you want, and the school tells the lender, so that could take a while depending on how efficient either your lender or your school are.

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I called them, I guess I needed to sign the master promissory note first (don't know why they didn't instruct me to do this when I applied. )

I'm actually reconsidering this lender now due to the person I just talked to on the phone. She kept rushing me to sign it electronically WITHOUT READING IT FIRST (come on, it's my first time taking out loans!) saying the system would "time out" etc and when I asked if I could print it out she tried to tell me I was

"too far along" to change my mind (complete lie, I did it). I kept telling her I could handle it from here but she kept making excuses to stay on the phone to make sure I could get it submitted.

And then she asked me if I would need more money than the stafford, presumably to "sell me" a grad plus loan/alt loan. and tried to tell me I couldn't get more than 20K or whatever the ugrad limit is, even though I kept telling her I was a med student and my award letter says I can get 42K.

very shady + unknowledgeable = I'm DEFINITELY taking a closer look at this.

EDIT: ok I'm done ranting, but where can I get the lender's terms in writing? (specifically: no origination or default fees)

I don't see it on the MPN, which looks rather generic. I'm so confused

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