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How do i get child tax credit

how do i get child tax credit


Best Answer: assuming the g/f lived with you the ENTIRE year, without income of $3650, and not being claimed on anyone else' return, and you supported her entirely, she could be a qualifying relative on your head of household

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You have a bit of a problem.

If your girlfriend is not reporting your income as part of the household income for food stamps and medicaid and then you claim them on your tax return.

It could affect their SSD as well as their food stamps and medicaid.

If your name is not on the son's birth certificate,you cannot claim him as a dependent and therefore cannot get the child tax credit.

You also cannot claim your girlfriend as a dependent either.

You will have to fill out your W-4 for 2010 for yourself only and take all the allowances you can legally take.

If your girlfriend works,she

can claim the son and get the child tax credit.

If they have medicaid,your medicine shouldn't be that much.

If you can itemize your return and you spend more than 7.5% of your adjusted gross federal income on medical services,then you can claim those expenses on your return.

As long as you can prove you paid for the prescriptions,doctors,labs,x-rays (even for another person) and did not get reimbursed.

You might get a tax preparation software to help with your taxes.

You enter the information and it fills in all the forms and then you can print them out or e-file.

It will also tell you if you can get the earned income credit or not.

Source(s): To claim your girlfriend and son as dependents,they have to meet the requirements for a dependent and you cannot claim head of household.

You can file single,there are rules to qualify for head of household.

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