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How do I get my mortgage company to help us?

how do i get help with my mortgage


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You may try writing them a letter.This may prompt them to call you them selves. Also draw up a budget. Make sure you stick to you. Sometimes when you write everything down that you spend you see things you don't really need.

Can you cut back elsewhere. Do you have cable, extended or very basic, do you get out, do you take your work to lunch to save money. This is a big money saver.Do you have cell phones and a home phone. Are any of these items able to bundle together to save money. You have a computer and internet --how much do you really need this.

Do you have any friends that would benefit from you watch their child they could watch theirs. Do you carpool to work? This is getting very popular. Do you reduce your heat when you sleep or when you are at work all day. Your body doesn't need the house as warm when you are sleeping. I

am not talking alot but if ours is on 70 it runs alot but at 67 it is very comfortable.

Think of ways you can help yourself instead of thinking how someone can help you. In the end you will know that you can rely on you not everyone else. Can you babysit in the evenings to bring in exra cash. Just rack your brain for anything that you can think of that might help or bring in money.

Do you have a yard? Can you grow a garden to help with some of the summer food you eat? Just sit down and make a list. Is your home and cars on the same insurance. Do you have 401k at work. Can you put in a little less to help out more. Do you get income tax refund each year. Can you change your dependents to get some of the refund back in each paycheck instead of more at tax time.

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