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Lombard loan

what is a lombard loan

Lombard loan enables you to acquire a loan by pledging your own assets (term deposit).

Best suited for

Lombard loan is intended for those citizens or residents of RS who need a loan and have as individual client a term deposit (investment deposit) in SKB which is pledgeed as loan insurance.

Advantages of lombard loan

  • it is not necessary to approve loan documentation with your employer;
  • you repay the loan with monthly payment of interest, while repaying the principal only at loan maturity;
  • your credit ability is checked only for the purpose of loan interest repayment.


  • fixed interest rate;
  • the amount of the loan is calculated according to the value of pledged assets and does not depend on your indebtedness or credit ability (credit ability is checked only for the purpose of interest repayment);
  • the loan is repaid in cash;
  • the loan currency is Euro;
  • when taking a loan, the client pays approval fees, and during loan repayment they pay management fees;
  • the repayment period of the loan is linked to the deposit maturity, and is not longer than 5 years.

What kinds of lombard loan values

can you take?

The amount of the loan depends on the amount of pledged assets. The amount of the loan can be of up to 90 % of the pledged assets value (fixed-term deposit).

In determining the value of the loan, we also take into account credit ability for covering monthly loan interest.

For whom is the lombard loan more favourable than a consumer loan?

  • Owners of term deposits can get a lombard loan up to a certain value of their own assets;
  • lombard loan does not require credit ability for the approval of loan principal value (credit ability must only be sufficient for covering the repayment of interest);
  • you repay interest on a monthly basis, while the principal amount is repaid at maturity.

Interest rate is fixed and is determined in percentage, according to the type of pledged assets and the period of loan repayment, which is added to or deducted from the interest rate of cash loans for those borrowers who receive their income to their personal SKB account.

Approval fees vary according to the loan repayment period.

Loan management fees are paid monthly, in addition to the monthly interest at loan interest maturity.

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