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Success through BP: 3,000th Post: 4 years, a Summit, $1MM+ in RE, 1 wholesale probate deal, 8 rehabs, 1 master lease, 50 Airbnb guests, & 100 tenant headaches later..

what is a master lease

J. M. Donor

- volunteered to help the neighborhood. and met the Mayor of Oakland in the process

- dealt with 2 tenants who didn’t complete their leases,

- 1 clogged toilet I plunged myself,

- 1 police visit to a property,

- some water intrusion & an insurance claim,

- and some tenant headaches..

And they were all totally worth it.

@Johnson H.  inspired me to sign up on BP, and that someone in my similar circumstances could go out there and make it happen!

My biggest mistake. Not getting active on BP sooner! I didn’t realize the valuable wealth of information and exchanges going on, and floundered around by myself for more than a year still, when I finally bought my first 4plex. I think I could have picked up an extra $1MM+ in RE in this last downturn if I would have boosted my knowledge and connections with BP earlier! And be retired by now!

Since I got more active on Bigger Pockets. I have received help from amazing investors from San Jose to San Francisco and beyond. I am in a long-term RE partnership with another BP member now, and purchased a wholesale deal

from another BP member. I have borrowed money from several BP members. I have learned things I never thought possible about RE investing, and have the knowledge resources and capital in my network to get almost any great deal done.

As of today, I have:

More Net Worth! (at least a few hundred thousand in just the last 3 years.)

Over $1MM in RE Assets! (my share) b/t 5 addresses at 4 properties in the Bay Area (4plexes, duplex, SFHs)

Enough cash reserves to cover risk, and have still a bit more to invest.

My Advice to Every Investor Out There:

- Get more active on BP!

- Meet more investors face-to-face locally!

- Help other investors, and you never know what will come back around!

A big shout-out to @Brandon Turner. Josh, and all the amazing folks at BP – especially all the other investors out there! Without this site, I wouldn’t be where I am today, and if I would have been active on it sooner, I think I would be retired by now! Here's to BP. )

Updated: 09:27AM, 05/12/2015

If that was the good, here's the bad and the ugly!

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