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What is a mortgage audit

what is a mortgage audit

What is a Commercial Securitization Audit ?

Many commercial real estate mortgages have been bundled into Commercial Mortgage Backed Securitizations. These differ from Residential Real Estate Backed Securitization in various ways. Mainly in how they were bundled and how they were reported to the SEC and the county level.

Forensic mortgage Auditors, Inc is the only auditing company in the US that provides first in class commercial securitization audits

We cannot rely on county level searches or MERS to produce much evidence or history, SO, it is imperative, that all recent paperwork on the commercial loan be provided to track down the potential trust that the loan resides or we will not do the audit.

We need all paperwork relating to servicing, paperwork relating to any collection efforts and court cases including bankruptcy, recent statement letters and correspondence.

Any information pertaining to the borrower, whether they are an individual or corporate entity, such as their tax id is necessary to track down possible ownership of loan. There is a small chance some loans will come back as non-securitized.

Commercial Pre-Check

For this reason, we have developed a more affordable “Pre-Check”. We will take the necessary steps to determine if this commercial loan is securitized. If we find it is not, then this charge will be the only charge you

incur. However, if we find it to be a high probability that it is securitized, we will credit this charge towards the full price of our commercial audits and charge the difference and then proceed to the full audit and return this to you within 14 days. There are unfortunately no rushes available on commercial loans. Please call for pricing

What do we need to perform a Commercial Securitization audit?

1- All Paperwork from closing except the appraisal.

2- Recent Mortgage Statement from Lender

3- Any Recent Notices or Correspondence from Lender

4- Company Information to include Tax ID # and Address.

( If personal guarantee include social security # and address or person. If both include both. )

5- Court Documents if declared any type of bankruptcy. Or any court proceedings that make reference to potential lender or servicer.

At FMA, Inc. you will find an unparalleled customer-centric philosophy. We handle every mortgage audit on a case by case basis. We strive to ensure that you receive the attention and treatment you expect and deserve. Simply put we are a results oriented company who are determined to satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations.

When you are deciding which company to choose ask these questions and see how they stack up against Forensic Mortgage Auditors, Inc.?

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