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What is a mortgage certificate

what is a mortgage certificate

The mortgage industry’s qualification of choice

The Certificate in Mortgage Advice is aimed at those intending to become mortgage advisers or to work in a support role. It develops an understanding of the sector, reflecting the priorities of the regulator.

Completion of the Certificate in Mortgage Advice meets the FCA examination requirements for mortgage advisers.

Upon completion you will have gained:

  • a general introduction to the UK financial services industry (including common product types, the process of giving advice, ethics, regulation and legislation); and
  • an introduction to the mortgage process (including the house-buying process, different types of borrowers and their needs, the various mortgage product and repayment options, and the regulation and legislation applicable to mortgages and the provision of mortgage advice).

Why the Certificate in Mortgage Advice?

The Certificate delivers many advantages:

  • Satisfies the FCA examination requirements for registered mortgage advisers.
  • Improves your long-term career prospects by improving knowledge and understanding, and by demonstrating commitment to self-improvement.
  • Provides online exam sittings that enable you to enter for the exam when you are ready, with provisional results provided instantaneously.
  • Upon completion you can apply to use the designation 'Cert CII (MP)' providing a means of demonstrating your achievement to the public and to peers (membership and Continuing Professional Development requirements apply).
  • Holders are eligible to become 'Certificate' level members of the Society of Mortgage Professionals.

The Certificate in mortgage Advice is registered with Ofqual at Level 3 in the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF). You can access further information at »

Is the Certificate in Mortgage Advice right for me?

The Certificate is the advisers' qualification of choice, created by the mortgage industry, for the mortgage industry. It is appropriate for:

  • all advisers who need to comply with the regulatory examination requirements; and
  • individuals working in the mortgage market in non-advisory roles, such as in administration or in support functions including, for example, marketing, sales support, human resources and IT.

Your next step

Now that you have read about the Certificate in Mortgage Advice, gained an understanding of what it offers and decided that it meets your career development plans, it is time to finalise your entry.

The links above contain all the information you require to study for and complete this qualification. As you read through these, you will learn about the units on offer, the available learning materials, terms and conditions relating to entry, and the different ways you can enter.

Please take the time to read this, as it will help you choose the study programme that best fits your needs.

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