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How do i improve my credit score

how do i improve my credit score


Best Answer: You are definitely on the right track to improving your score.

Here are some additional tips that may help you get a little more boost.

Improve your score - Everyone’s situation is different. Some things you can do to improve your score are:

- Pay your bills on time

- Get credit balances below 75%, 50%, and 35% of available credit

- Do not open any new accounts or apply for additional credit

- Do not close any accounts

- Dispute errors on your report

- Pay down/off debt aggressively

For more information on credit go to Fair Isaac's site (they created the credit score)

There are companies that can assist you in improving your score. Please note everything they do, you can do for free on your own.

It sounds like you have done most of the above suggestions. Which means that the biggest improvement to your score will come from time.

The Credit Bureaus count the previous 24 months most heavily into your score. Negative items (late pays, collections) will affect your score for 7 years from their resolution date (paid off).


there are errors on your report here are some additional tips:

1. You must request a copy of your report directly from the credit agency.

-You can do this by getting your Free Credit Report from the Federal Trade Commission at

- If you have applied for credit in the last 30 days you are entitled to a free copy of the report.

- You can pay for a copy of your report directly on the credit bureau sites.

2. You must complete a dispute. You can try to dispute the information online with EACH of the 3 agencies. If you need to send them documentation then you will need to write a letter explaining the information to be corrected/removed along with a copy of your documents.

3. The credit agency will process your request and send you a revised copy of your report reflecting the changes with in 45 days of the dispute. (The creditor has 30 days to verify the information is correct as reported or the info is removed. Then a couple of extra days for mailing stuff)

Here is the contact info for the 3 agencies:

Equifax Information Services, LLC

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