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What is a net lease

what is a net lease

Visit The Physics Classroom's Flickr Galleries and enjoy a photo overview of the topic of waves.

Explore the topic of tsunamis at this PBS website.

View a collection of three animations that complement the concepts discussed on this page.

Learning requires action. Give your students this sense-making activity from The Curriculum Corner.

Use this torsional wave machine simulation from Open Source Physics (OSP) to demonstrate the nature of a wave.

Before you get too far into your instruction on waves, learn about common misconceptions that students have.

Looking for a lab that coordinates with this page? Try the A Wiggle in Time and Space Lab from The Laboratory.

Need ideas? Need help? Explore The Physics Front's treasure box of catalogued resources on Wave Energy and Wave Motion.

Be prepared for those student questions about tsunamis. Use this resource to deepen your understanding.

Consider engaging your students in a lesson (or two) on the topic of tsunamis.

Use a slinky to demonstrate the distinction between a wave and a pulse and the manner in which they move.

This set of lesson plans from Teacher's Domain centers around the use of slinkies and videos to explore the different types of waves and the nature of a wave.

Demonstrate the concepts discussed on this page using this collection of three animations.

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