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What is a pharmacy benefits manager

what is a pharmacy benefits manager

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Job Description for Pharmacy Manager

Pharmacy managers help ensure customers get the medicine they need and that it is properly filled following the doctors orders. Typically, a pharmacy manager oversees one particular store, but there are positions in which they manage multiple locations. Along with ensuring their pharmacy complies with federal and state regulations, pharmacy managers must ensure staff communicate clearly, effectively, and positively with customers. It is up to the pharmacy manager to instruct and monitor employees to ensure they are professional and courteous in all interactions. Most pharmacies fill orders from walk-in patients on the spot, so the pharmacy manager must

ensure their facility is efficient. They must train their staff to prioritize orders and deliver them within the allotted time frames. Teaching staff how to effectively deal with doctors and medical practitioners is essential as well.

As with any management position, there are also human resource aspects to this position. The pharmacy manager handles scheduling, managing databases, conducting employee evaluations, and handling reporting duties. Although some pharmacies operate extended hours, a pharmacy manager typically works full time during regular business hours. Weekend hours are often required, as most pharmacies are open seven days a week.

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