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What is a social security credit

what is a social security credit

What is Social Credit about ?

Social Credit comprises interlocking concepts of economics and politics which deal with the just relationship between man and the Society in which he lives.


It is based upon a philosophy of Christian principles, and encompasses:

1. The supreme importance of the individual.

This regards institutions as subservient to man and exist for service to man, and not the other way around.

This position can only be sustained by:

(a) Economic freedom through the sanction of sufficient purchasing power;

(b) Political freedom through the sanction of the responsible vote.

(c) Maintaining the correct relationship between the individual and the group (institutions).

2. The individual in society

(a) The cultural heritage.

All social production originates in a common cultural inheritance of past inventions and the accumulation of technological innovations and is increased by the increment of association. The cultural heritage plus unearned increment of association (i.e. the benefit gained by working together), requires a national dividend to distribute benefits gained. (Christian doctrine of grace). Thus economic organisation (industry, commerce, finance) should be at the service of consumers through consumer control of production through the money vote.

(b) Political freedom.

This should provide for the ability to contract in or contract out by making political organisations at the service of groups through voters' control over representatives.

(c) Economic security

This means that individuals in society must have sufficient purchasing power to provide effective demand in order to consume what they produce.

Both 2 (B) and (C) together represent a maximum decentralisation of policy.

3. The philosophy is incarnated through the policy.


The policy involves a change in the financial accounting system to reflect the truth and reality in the economic system. At the same time, a change is required in the political process to reduce and reverse the increase towards centralisation which increases control over the individual in society. Details may be obtained through available literature. Study courses are available from The Social Credit School of Studies Inc.


Social Credit stands for optimum economic and political freedom for each individual by ensuring (a) consumer control over production — i.e. economic democracy; (b) voter control over policy — i.e. political democracy. Social Credit stands against the political party system, the existing financial system, and the concentration of power over individuals, whether economic or political, or in any other form.

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