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What is a typical Aussie home?

We Aussies are obsessed with renovating our homes. You could say that we are a society of remodellers, builders, painters and fixers. Just look at the plethora of reality renovation TV shows we’ve seen over the last several years.

A recent survey, noted that each month there is 1 in 10 Australians redoing their living environment, while 30% of us every three to six months are tinkering away at our homes. The bulk of Aussie homeowners (80%) live in a modest, detached home while townhouses and apartments make up the difference.

So what is our Aussie style compared to the rest of the world? This is great to know as it can give you ideas on where the best bang for your buck is when you are considering to undertake a renovation or looking to buy something new to ensure that you make a healthy return and your home increases in price.

While the Aussie style is diverse, it is consistent. While we are inspired by international design, we have our own Australian aesthetic. The centrepiece of our homes is the kitchen, the comfortable feel of timber floors underfoot, a palette often with neutral colours, with natural power sources and edible gardens being the trend.

Styles most popular

What trends are hot vary with the seasons, but there are a few interior looks that are constant. Typically we take these cornerstone styles and stamp our own person twist on it, and now global influences are playing a part of that.

- Contempotary/modern: 55% is a large category style that may be colourful or the white scheme, typically with materials and furniture that are bang on trend.

- Traditional: 23% of us like comfortable furniture, warm colours and high standard materials.

- Eclectic: 19% love a mish match of the new and old to create their own unique flair that always the element of surprise.

- Country: 15% like a more rustic feel with a homestead style in soft colours and emphasis on vintage nostalgia


Even though “50 Shades of Grey” bombed at the box office, grey is the dominant colour that we are using on our exteriors although orange and brown are starting to be on the rise. The majority (two-thirds) of Aussie’s like neutral colours for the front door such as white, brown or black. However, one in 20 have a bold red, green or blue front door.


Inside the house, we are pretty conservative, sticking to off-white and white walls. We are giving some more love to green, greys and yellows as we make our way into the living and dining rooms with an emergence of purple and blues in the bedroom to make it more inviting. Wallpapers are a hot trend that is picking up, with one in 20 using it in the bedroom.


The environment is top of mind in Aussie designs, with Adelaidians ahead of the pack. Over 50%

of them have rainwater tanks attached to their homes, while Brisbanites are loving indoor eco features such as low flush toilets and energy saving bulbs.


I wonder if it’s been a MasterChef phenomenon, but I think mainly our love of fresh great food has made the kitchen the focal point of Aussie homes. Perhaps though watching these tv kitchens has made one quarter of us looking to renovate and upgrade a kitchen renovation in the next year. Nearly half of us, if we only had to add one feature, would chose a designer kitchen to enhance our homes.

We love natural materials, especially Sydneysiders using quartz, marble or granite for their benchtops. The theme of natural continues with 50% of kitchens using gas, with only one-fifth using electricity.

Living Room

The living room is where the heart is, it where we are technology connected – 43% of us have a smart tv, just under 20% with an intergrated sound system while one in twenty sit back and relax watching their movies on a projector. With design elements hard at work, 60% have a piece of art on the wall to enjoy, one in four have a feature wall and three in five bring the area together with a rug. One third of us curl up to a fireplace on a cold winter’s night.


Image source: Melbourne Contemporary Kitchens

Sleep isn’t the only thing on the cards. A walk in wardrobe is a feature that 46% have, with half of homeowners having an ensuite attached to the bedroom. Sitting areas, televisions and carpet flooring are a common theme.


We have high standards in our bathroom with one third of us looking to renovate the bathroom in the next year.

Sydneysiders love their heated towel rails with 21% and 10% have floors that are heated. Rainwater showers in Brisbane are the rage with 18% of bathroom, no doubt because of their tropical climate. While in the tub, it seems that 9% of Melburnians watch a TV show while if you’re in Adelaide, 10% of you are relaxing in a spa bath.


Our surrounding environment and climate are the biggest driver for the way we use our outdoor areas. Wether that be entertaining decks to sophisticated pools, the outdoor is the pride of our houses so we can utilise all year around.

With our fantastic great weather and warm summers, it's no surprise we place a focus on the outdoors with only 1% of people having no outdoor area. Whether is 80% with a backyard, 70% with a front yard, the outdoor space is the first priority of renovation with just under half of us planning a renovation in the next 12 months.

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