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credit card in to valid please enter a valid credit card number

what is a valid credit card number

#2 Posted by k2theswiss (16599 posts) - 4 years, 4 months ago

Ok so heres the deal. I went and bought a 12 month subscription from game store today to renew my xbox live. However when i try to redeem i get that the code is not valid. After a some time i found out that the reason for that was that i had billing violations from my registered credit card number with my expired xbox live account. So i try to add a new one it keeps saying that my credit card number is not valid and cannot be authorised and that i should enter a valid credit card number. I tried 2 cards and they both get the same answer. This is driving me crazy and i dont know what to do. I already sent an email to xbox customer service regarding this but i dont they will give me any solution to my problem since

after looking around in forums ms support suck. Billing info and bank are all okay if that was the case. So what is. Please help me out this is quite annoying and honestly i want to smash my laptop everytime i get that red lettered answer when i enter a perfectly good working card. (bought stuff online with it aswell so its good there too). Cheers


Well most likely if your have old credit card violation from microsoft. I don't think they going just trust by doing it your self. So call them. I know nothing about their policys. just guessing.

why you sending a email? Emails to companys are for issues that you have no issue waiting 24+hrs for a respond. Second i don't think microsoft would talk about personal Information through a email specially a creditcard. IF they do i lost all faith of them keeping my personal information from random people

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