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What is additional child tax credit

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How the ACTC Works

Suppose you calculate your taxes and find that you owe $600 before subtracting taxes already paid and tax credits. You qualify for a $1,000 Child Tax Credit, but because your tax liability is only $600, that’s all you can claim. As long as you have at least $3,000 in earned income, you can use the Additional Child Tax Credit to get the remaining $400.

General ACTC Qualifying Rules



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Child Tax Refund Information. If the credit is a higher amount than the tax due, you may be able to claim.

How to Determine Eligibility for Additional Child Tax Credit on Federal Income Taxes.

Once you've filled out the Child Tax Credit worksheet, use IRS Form 8812 to determine whether you qualify for the Additional Child.

Credit; Cards; Loans; Real Estate. Buying a Home; Home Loans;. our parents can claim us as qualifying child dependents and receive.

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