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What is an r7 credit rating

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The "R" rating system is a way to desribe your payment history with a particular credit agency. These ratings are used to indicate the nature in which you repay that debt back to a creditor and the status of that debt. A credit restoration company can help you fix some of these ratings.

A rating of R0 indicates that you have the newly formed history with this creditor. An R0 rating means that there is not enough information to form an accurate history for this account.

A rating of R1 Indicates that you have paid this debt on time throughout the course of the account's history. A rating of R1 means that you have not had

a late payment on this account. The goal for any credit account, as the consumer, is to obtain this rating for all all the credit reporting. The R1 rating is the coveted, desired goal for you as the consumer. The number of R1 ratings is directly proportional to your credit score. It is extremely important.

A rating of R2 indicates that you had a late, 30-day payment. Simply put, this means you missed a payment. While this by itself is not conclusive, combined with other items on your credit report it could tell the creditor an opinion regarding your credit worthiness.

A rating of R3 Indicates that you have had a missed it became it for over 60 days. This means that you missed two payments in succession. This type of reporting draws harsh attention from future lenders.

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