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How do i qualify for a home loan

how do i qualify for a home loan

How Safe Is Your Online Credit Pull Tool?

You’re probably thinking, “I don’t know if I feel comfortable sharing confidential information online!!” Believe me, I’d be thinking the same. Well, let me reassure you that we do everything in our power to keep your information secure. In our security and privacy statement on our page, you can learn about all the tools we put in use to protect your identity and privacy. For instance, the Quicken Loans server supports the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) transaction protocol originally developed by Netscape and now largely accepted as an industry standard. The purpose of this encryption protocol is to keep confidential the

information passed back and forth between a Web server and its users. We also use 128-Bit Domestic Grade Strong Encryption, the most powerful encryption commercially available for Internet products. (However, be aware that if you are using a 40-bit browser, your encryption level, while secure, is not the highest level available. United States and Canadian citizens can download free 128-bit browsers from Mozilla. Apple. or Microsoft .)

So, if you’re thinking about refinancing or buying a home and want to get started but don’t feel like you’re ready to speak to a banker yet, the online credit pull tool is a convenient and safe option.

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