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What is NACA? buying a home with Down Payment Assistance

what is naca mortgage

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If you have not heard of NACA and want to buy a home in jacksonville, FL you may start to. Neighborhood Assistance Corpration of America is dedicated to helping future and current homeowners. If you want to purchase a home with no down payment and no closing costs this program is in a league of it's own. NACA is 100% financing.

What is the catch you ask? Well there is but not what you think. In order participate in the program, you cannot own another residence, and you must live in this home for as long as you have the loan with NACA. A few hours of volunteer work are asked for and probably the biggest catch, it takes time. Buying a home in Jacksonville, FL is nto easy while the market is changing. but if you do not have to worry a down payment it couls be easier.

Are you tired of having your information put into a computer that spits out- denied? Then no one offers assistance on how to get you to be qualified. NACA is diferent and what you wish every loan could be like. It's like going back in time when you could get a mortgage with a handshake. It's not that easy, but the program does look at you

as a person, your income and debts and your ability to pay your debts on time is what matters. Are you making your payments on time and do you have a job?

With NACA you will take a homebuyer seminar, then you will meet with a counselor that go over everything you need to do in order to get qualified. For some this could be 30 days, and for others it could be over 6 month. The point is your counselor will tell you what to do to get qualified. You are responsible for the length of time to do it. If you are committed to owning a home and willing to go through the process you can have no down payment and no closing costs. You can buy your interest rate down to 0% if you wanted. It's that good. For a single family the max price $294,000.

You must have a NACA certified agent to use this program. The Sellin' With CC Team are NACA certified and ready to help you on your way to homeownership. Please call us at 904-401-8481 if you have any questions about this great program or to get registered for a Homebuyer seminar. Contact us to get more information.

By CC Underwood Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams Jacksonville Realty

Posted on November 10, 2012 07:59 PM

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