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How do i sell my carbon credits

how do i sell my carbon credits

Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) also known as renewable energy certificates, are electronic certificates only and they are composites of various data sources. They identify pedigree characteristics of the particular generator such as: location; the emissions output of the generator; the fuel the generator uses to produce electricity; and the date the generator went online, also known as its vintage .

The compliance market exists in states where a Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) program is implemented. Here, the applicable electric distribution companies (EDCs) and electric generation suppliers (EGS’) must acquire a certain threshold of these RECs to meet state compliance. Compliance market rules vary by state. Often fuel types (wind, solar, landfill gas, etc.) can vary by state as can geography and applicable dates.

Since PJM EIS does not buy or sell the RECs there are a few different ways to sell RECs once they are in the owner's account. The REC owner can advertise his credits on the GATS Bulletin Board or can check-out the Buyer’s Bulletin Board for specific purchase requests. The REC owner can use an aggregator or broker to either purchase the RECs directly, or to assist the REC owner in finding a buyer. Finally, the REC owner could use an auction or exchange platform to sell RECs. The GATS Bulletin Board is a free option available to all GATS subscribers, while other avenues may have applicable fees and conditions.

GATS Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board within the GATS application allows

both buyers and sellers to connect with each other.

  • Bulletin Board REC Postings

Directly from their GATS Account, at no cost to the user, REC owners have the ability to post credit(s) for sale through the Bulletin Board. When posting, the Seller has the option whether or not to include a price. The buyer can then see the details of the REC(s) that are for sale as well as the seller’s contact information.

Agreements brokered through the Bulletin Board are made on a bilateral basis between buyers and sellers. Once an agreement is made between both parties then the seller initiates a transfer from the Bulletin Board to the Buyer.

  • Bulletin Board Purchases

    Buyers have the ability to post information on the Buyers Bulletin Board as to REC(s) they are looking to purchase. The buyer can enter in specifics if they choose as to what type of REC(s) they are looking to purchase. Seller’s can then see the specifics a buyer is looking to purchase as well as their contact information. If a seller can make contact with the buyer to reach an agreement on a bilateral basis. The user can then initiate a transfer within GATS once an agreement is in place.

  • Auction and Exchange Platforms

    Aggregators and Brokers

    The reports below represent a subset of aggregators and brokers that are currently buying and selling REC(s) within the PJM Region.

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