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How do i start getting credit

how do i start getting credit

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I've never received any mailed in offers for credit cards. My credit in 2/3 credit reports were around 700-720. I've had a bank of america credit card since 2010 and recently applied and use a Chase freedom and Bank of america balance card. Doesn't mailed in credit card offers mean they want you to be apart of their bank? How would they find me?

And. Is Discoverit still offering 100+ for $500+ spent? I can't find it on the main website. I think I'm definitely going to applying for Discover it. It offers the monthly free fico creditcard report. and I haven't yet even checked my credit score. I don't know what I'm waiting for. I might also want to sign up for citi and maybe american express, at least 2 of the three sometime in march 2014. I don't really purchase an ything on Amazon

so the new American Express blue card amazon prime offer wouldn't be much use to me, are they still offering $ for $ spent as well?

. Also. my first ever credit card (reward card) has a $800 limit. This past month I had $300 on it and found out that it actually appeared on the statement and paid it that same day. Will this hurt my credit. I had the money to pay it off before, I just didn't know the statement was coming up. All my other cards have a lower balance and a higher limit. Does the other cards help the $800 limit card with the high utility?

For example. I probably have. a. $5000 total credit limit and reported total was about $400. Would this mean this won't negatively affect my credit score? Or does it still hurt because of the $800/300

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