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How do i start my own credit repair business

how do i start my own credit repair business

Interested in Starting a Credit & Debt Consulting Business?

We have the right training for you! Simple Solutions Credit Consultant Training Program is the ONLY true and Certified Credit Consultant™ training. Valeri A. James, founder and creator of Simple Solutions pioneered the credit consulting business and has over 28 years of experience. Simple Solutions has been training hundreds of other consultants for over 12 years now.

A Credit Repair business is an attractive low overhead business opportunity with plenty of income potential. Consultants can work part-time from home, as a full time business, or combine credit consulting services with their current mortgage, real estate or tax businesses. Certified Credit Consultants™ can make $150/hr consulting to over $500/hr doing credit repair and even $1,000 or more doing debt settlement work. Yes, you read this right! This is what we as consultants realistically make and clients are actually happy to pay us because we have the extensive training and knowledge to help them improve their credit, give them straight honest answers or settle their debt and save them a ton of money!

Starting your own credit repair business requires no special equipment other than a phone, computer with internet connection and a reasonable investment in training, marketing materials, and the use of our proprietary credit repair software called SimpleDocc™. Many consultants choose to work from home making credit repair a popular occupation for Real Estate Agents, Loan Officers, Bankruptcy attorneys, Family Counselors, executives looking for a better work environment and others seeking flexibility in their work schedules. Most clients are taken care of over the phone and through email, so that makes this business easy to work from home or anywhere in the world.

Each year the demand for credit repair services increases exponentially:

  • Over 79% of U.S. Consumers 18 years or older have inaccuracies on their credit reports. This means about 8 out of 10 people have inaccurate information on their credit reports. That's just simply crazy!
  • Over 54% of senior citizens have never seen their credit reports.
  • Credit Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime in America.

Millions of people suffer from bad credit and don't know where to turn. As a Certified Credit Consultant™, you can help thousands of people obtain jobs, get approved or lower interest rates on credit cards, mortgage, and car loans and even lowering their insurance premiums by improving their credit reports and raising their credit scores. People will gladly pay for an effective, legal solution that improves their credit situation to save them thousands of dollars in their lifetime or gets them what they want!

Watch out for "Copy-Cat" companies when Starting A Credit Repair Business

There are many people or companies on the internet offering credit repair business opportunities. These inadequate small companies generally fall into 4 categories:

  • Affiliate/Referral Programs - you refer customers to their credit repair business and they pay you a referral fee. Most of these companies charge a monthly fee which drags your client's progress out for a year or two.
  • Software Based Programs - you buy access to a credit repair software program that may or may not include training. You don't get any help with the knowledge or training to be able to answer their questions.
  • Training Manuals/Online Courses - You purchase access to training materials of varying low content and low quality. No trade secrets just vague information that you can find in a book store. Selling hype and fluff, not quality content on credit education, credit repair and debt settlement information.
  • Outsourcing Programs - you give them your client's confidential and personal information to do the paperwork for you. #1 - you lose control of what is being sent out because they don't show you; 2 - you don't know what is going on to be able to tell your clients; and 3 - the paperwork is the easiest part of being a credit consultant. They will tell you otherwise just so they can take your money!

Affilate Programs

For those working in real estate, mortgage lending or occupations which bring them contact with many consumers needing credit repair services. this might be a good, hands-off option for additional income. This type of service allows you to create more income from leads you already have.

For others, this option is less attractive. You will have to spend a significant amount of time and money to capture leads. Essentially, you are doing all the work for a small piece of the potential profit.

Software Based Programs

Great software is essential tool in any credit repair business. It can help automate day to day operations and make your consulting business more productive. Unfortunately, software alone is not nearly enough to start and run a successful credit repair business.

A piece of software cannot explain the intricacies of the credit industry and what to do when you run into unusual problems or situations. Software alone will offer you no help with creating a business structure or marketing your services effectively. You need to know what you can and cannot legally say to your clients to help their credit and debt situations.

Training Manuals/Online Courses

Most of the "training manuals" offered on the web are a mis-mash of incomplete and sometimes completely inaccurate information. They often written by or ghost written for people

with little or no experience in the credit industry. While they may contain a few good pointers, they may also encourage you to engage in illegal techniques. They seldom offer any real advice about the actual steps needed to start a successful credit repair business. Can watching a video really compare to in-person interactive training with several extensively trained staff?

If you are considering getting training anywhere else other than with Simple Solutions, ask yourself this:

Why does hundreds of consultants want to attend Simple Solution's in-person training and receive several large manuals with over 2,000 pages of written documentation, marketing & advertising materials, one-on-one training and future on-going support to make you the credit expert along with 28 years of real experience? The answer: because they see the true value in learning 28 years of experience in just 3 extensive days and receiving on-going, continued support so they too can be a highly in demand and successful credit consultant. They have also done their research on these companies and find that no one can beat our experience, training materials and in-depth information that can really help their clients improve their financial situation.

A person who has some success with repairing their own credit lacks the experience of someone who has worked with thousands of clients. Some claim that "credit repair is not rocket science. anyone can do it." This is not a wholly accurate claim. Anyone can write a basic dispute letter. However, creating dispute letters is only a part of the credit repair process. Clients demand a lot more than someone creating dispute letters when they are charged fees of $500 or more. In today's economy, clients want answers to their questions. As a highly trained and skilled Certified Credit Consultant™, you can answer their questions and get them back on track with more knowledge, better credit, and a brighter financial future.

Evaluating Credit Repair Business Opportunities

Before buying into another credit repair business program, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Will the program teach me how to answer client's questions with the right, legal and ethical answers?
  2. Does this person or company have passion to help others or are they just in the business to make money?
  3. Will the program discuss licensing and bonding requirements or will I have to research all this myself?
  4. Will the program educate me on how to structure my business and choose the correct business type (sole proprietor, corporation, LLC etc.)?
  5. Will the program offer all the forms, contracts and materials needed in day-to-day business operations?
  6. Will the program offer a software program for automating common tasks?
  7. Will the program offer me ongoing support if I run into a problem with a client that I'm not sure how to handle?
  8. Will the program offer ways to effectively market my new credit repair business and create a client base?
  9. Will the program offer me the knowledge to do more than just credit repair alone?
  10. How much actual experience in the credit industry does the person or company marketing the program actually have?
  11. Will I receive updated training materials and information when there are changes in industry regulations?

If you are serious about pursuing credit consulting as a career, you need a training program that provides all of the above and more.

The Simple Solutions Credit Consultant Training Program to become a Certified Credit Consultant™ was developed by Valeri A. James, a veteran of the credit repair industry. Valeri has so much passion to help others in her 28 years of experience obtain better credit and get out of debt. Ms. James has helped her clients with every credit or debt problem imaginable and knows how to solve these problems. With having her attorney father research the federal laws, state statutes and more, it is evident that this consulting business comes very easy to Valeri. Knowing she couldn't educate the world alone, Ms. James started to train others in 2001 to help the mass quantity of consumers who have credit and debt problems, all while making it easy for the consultants to learn to be a knowledgeable and successful Credit Consultant.

Our training program includes an intensive 3 day one-to-one training which educates you on every aspect of starting and managing a successful credit repair business. This is a complete business-in-a-box program that surpasses anything that you can find on the internet. Don't be fooled by the copy-cats who just started their business 6 months ago or 6 years ago. Be trained by the master credit professional who created the 1st training ever for people who want to help others improve their credit, get out of debt and experience financial freedom. and get paid well for doing it!

3 Simple Rules for Success

  • If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it.
  • If you don't ask, the answer will always be no.
  • If you don't step forward, you will always be in the same spot.

It's time to own your own business! Get the right training you deserve! Help others get what they want, and you will certainly get what you want.

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