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Helpful Tip: How to Stop Receiving Credit Card Offers

Every day when I go out to get the mail, there’s one thing I know for sure will be there… credit card offers. Often times the envelopes read “Pre-approved” or “0% APR” or “Get Cash Back with This Offer.” Whoopty Do. Another credit card offer that I have to shred. It gets old after a while, and I’m sure most of you can relate. To my surprise, I recently learned that there’s an opt-out program which will significantly reduce the number of unsolicited credit and insurance offers that you receive, assuming that you live in the United States.

Much like the “Do Not Call” list found at a website found at has been put in place solely for the purpose of helping consumers stop the offers that are sent to them. A quick visit to the website for the Federal Trade Commission ( ) confirmed (more info here ) that this was the site

to go to to opt out. The process of only takes a few minutes, and the only downside is that they say it could take up to 60 days before you stop receiving offers.

When you go to you’ll want to click the button that says “Click Here to Opt-In or Opt-Out.” From there you’ll select that you want to either Opt-out for five years (the most that you can do electronically) or Opt-out permanently in which case you’ll need to print a form and mail it in. The form consists of typical information like your name and address, but you’ll also be asked for your social security number. They say that this is not required, but it will “help ensure that we can process your request.” Once you’ve entered in all of your information, click confirm and within 60 days, your name should be excluded from lists that credit card and insurance companies receive. Hallelujah!

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