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How do they calculate credit score

how do they calculate credit score core.aspx is this for Equifax, TransUnion, and/or Experian? Are they all calculated the same way and people saying they aren't because they have different scores, not knowing it is because not all companies report inquires to every bureau?

Are the vantage scores the same? Where can you get the Vantage scores from each bureau?


Edit: What are the ranges for them? I read that one of the Bureaus' highest score is 830, is that true?

The link is for general info on FICO scoring and applies to all 3. The formula differs across all 3 CRAs but are very, very similar. Each tend to weigh items more than the other versions.

No two CRs are alike. So if a poster says that their TU and EQ FICOs differ it can easily be due to having one baddie on one but not the other. While CCs

update at the same time to all 3, not all 3 CRs will update exactly the same on the same day so that can account for differences in util. As you mentioned, most creditors don't pull all 3 reports. Also not every creditor reports to all 3 and that can account for a significant score difference. Also closed accounts sometimes drop early and that can account for changes to lengtho fohistory and/or AAoA. There are many other examples too.

I can't speak to Vantage. I assume the score is the same across all 3, unlike FICO. You can get Vantage from TU and EX. EQ doesn't offer it and I am not sure if TU and/or EX offer a 3-in-1 using Vantage.

The FICO ranges aren't published but they aren't exactly 300-850. If you look in here for ranges sometimes you'll see posters post what their creditor told them.

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