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"I love this book, what a terrific job. This book can literally save you a fortune!" -- Gerri Detweiler, Ultimate Credit Solutions Inc

"The Skinny on Credit Cards discusses a complex financial matter. in a way that even someone with no credit history can easily understand. This is no small achievement." -- Curtis Arnold, Founder, U.S. Citizens for Fair Credit Card Terms, Inc. Author

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The Skinny on Credit Cards, How to Master the Credit Card Game. Finally, someone has written a book which is clear, concise and comprehensive on the subject of credit cards. The Skinny on Credit Cards will be helpful to everyone from the young adult getting his or her first card to the older adult who has used

cards for years and never really totally understood the rules of the game. The Skinny on Credit Cards is a compilation of all the books and articles that have been written on the subject. All the experts were consulted. The Skinny On™ presents all the relevant information in an entertaining and easy-to-digest fashion. The credit card world is willing to lend you money. They want money back in return in the form of fees and interest. In some ways, the use of a credit card is a big game. Your job as a consumer is to play the game well so that you get more out of the relationship than do the credit card issuers. The Skinny on Credit Cards will teach you how to win the game.

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