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How in the world do u build credit.

how do u build credit


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Fortunately or unfortunately, the world has a plastic axis and a plastic equator. They’re called credit cards and debit cards. Take your pick as to which is which. Personally, I think its alternating and mixed on both.

For more than 50 years, which I know of, credit cards seem to be the currency of choice by merchants and lenders the world over. It makes their lives a lot less complicated and safer. Those folks don’t have to carry guns or have body guards or a security force to make deposits and do transactions.

Perhaps you could apply for a debit card. At least its a start. Perhaps the following information may be of some help to you. BUT PLEASE read on.

The lender - every reputable lender - wants EVERY borrower to have "a track record".

Lenders want to see - through a credit report or credit reports - how well [or not-so-well] the borrower manages and budgets his/her/their money and income.

You start with a debit card. You use that card for EVERYTHING you possibly can.

Your money is like a tide: When you put money in the account, the tide comes in.

When you spend money

for your bills other obligations and for goods and services, the tide goes out.

Careful use of that card causes you to "build the track record" and your credit rating.

Paying your bills and debts on-time and ahead-of-time builds your credit rating.

TRUE SORY: A very good friend of mine went to a bank and asked to borrow $50,000.00. The credit report was downloaded from a credit bureau. My friend had no credit. When the various bills were received in the mail, my friend preferred paying for everything in full. RESULT: Instead of getting approved to borrow $50,000.00, my friend was approved for and could borrow only $1,500.

Due to the lack of "a track record", the bank officer informed my friend the best way to be approved for a larger amount was to make monthly payments for just one (1) year. THEN pay off that small loan and apply for a larger amount.

Its easy, when someone informs another of what the lender REALLY wants: the lender wants that interest. The lender wants to see the borrower's track record.

Thank you for asking your Q. I enjoyed answering it.


Ron Berue

Yes, that is my real last name.

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