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Since IMVU cheats is one of the most popular talked about subjects from our visitors we have compiled a list of IMVU cheats codes for all of you to use. These cheats unlock many features for men and women on IMVU. As always, before you try to use the same cheat more than once you need to remove the item from your avatar. Check out the list below to get access to the cheats below.

IMVU Cheats For Men

To get a ghost white color skin *use 263.

The default skin color is *use 265.

*use 264 will give you a pale white colored skin.

To get that attractive tanned skin color *use 267

IMVU Cheats For Clothes – Men

*These are a list of IMVU cheats for clothes for men.

To get blue pants *use 211.

A nice pair of red trousers by

typing in *use 188.

Don’t like red and want black trousers? *use 189.

Nice black boots look good on you, try *use 220.

IMVU Cheats for Women

To get some short brown hair, type in *use 162.

IMVU Cheats For Clothes – Women

*Below is a list of IMVU cheats for clothes for women.

*use 300 will give you a cute blue top.

*use 299 will unlock the same top but in a darker color.

*use 285 for a cute pair of cargo shorts!

For a nice pair of booty shorts type in *use 171.

We hope you have enjoyed these IMVU cheats and have fun using them while your playing the game. There are many IMVU cheats here for you to use. Make sure to check back as we are always updating our site with new IMVU cheats and codes.

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