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Tax Credits: HMRC calculators

working tax credit how much can i get

HMRC have produced various tax credits related calculators which are on their website.

NB - a wider range of calculators produced by other organisations can be found in our resources section .

This section of the site gives links to these calculators with a brief description of what they are about.

HMRC produced this brief questionnaire to help people see if they may be entitled by answering a few questions. There are some people who cannot use the calculator such as those who qualify for the severe disability elements or those who have a partner with a disability.

A much more detailed calculator which seeks to give claimants an estimate of their entitlement. It should be noted that the result produced by the calculator is not the annual award but the amount due from the date the calculator is used to the next 5 April.

Some employers offer employees

childcare vouchers either in exchange for some of their salary (known as ‘salary sacrifice) or in addition to their salary. It is not possible to claim help with childcare costs for any childcare covered by these vouchers. This means that claimants need to work out whether they are better off accepting vouchers or claiming their childcare costs through the childcare element of Working Tax Credit (or in some cases a combination of both).

This calculator seeks to tell claimants which scenario is the most favourable based on the information entered.

As with the other calculators, HMRC state that certain people cannot use the calculator .

This calculated was added in March 2012 to help claimants calculate their childcare costs more accurately. This is an area identified by HMRC as high risk in terms of error and fraud. You can find out more about calculating childcare costs in our understanding childcare section.

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