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How To Claim Tax Credits

Do you want to claim tax credits?

If so, you will have to complete a claim form.  Our guide looks at when and how you can make a tax credits claim and what information you will need.

How to claim tax credits

In order to claim tax credits you have to fill in a claim form.  You cannot fill in a tax credits claim form online and so you should contact the Tax Credit Helpline on 0845 300 3900 to request a claim pack.

What information you will need to claim tax credits

In order to claim tax credits you will need information including:
  • Your National Insurance number (can be found on your [payslips, P60 or PAYE Coding Notice)
  • Your income for the last tax year, whether you were employed or self employed
  • Details of any childcare payments you make
  • Details of any benefits you receive (Jobseeker’s or Carer’s Allowance)

Remember that if you live with someone as a couple you must make a joint tax credits claim.  You will have to complete the claim form with information for both of you.

When to make a claim for tax credits

You should make a claim for tax credits

as soon as you think that you qualify as tax credits can generally only be backdated for three months.

For example, if you have a baby on 1 May and your claim form is received in 1 September the payments will only be backdated to 1 June.  Bear in mind that you can’t claim in advance for a new baby – you can only submit a claim once they have been born.

On occasion, it is sometimes worth making a claim for tax credits even if your income is too high as the present time.  For example, if you expect your income to reduce later in the tax year – perhaps through redundancy – then you may want to claim now.

If you’re starting work and you want to submit a claim for Working Tax Credit, you can do this up to seven days before your job starts.

Where to send your claim for tax credits

Once you have completed the tax credit claim form you should return it to:

Tax Credit Office



If you claim other benefits, such as Employment and Support Allowance, Jobseeker’s Allowance or Income Support, you can return your completed tax credit form to your Jobcentre Plus.

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