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How do you close a credit card

how do you close a credit card

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Pay off the credit card account and watch for two zero-balance statements from the credit card company to make sure you truly owe nothing more before you close the account. If you haven't paid off the balance, it's best not to close the account just yet -- cut up the cards and stop using them, but wait until you have a zero balance to close it.

Call the contact phone number listed on your most recent credit card bill or account statement. Have your credit card handy in case you are asked the last four digits for verification.

Ask to speak to a representative. You may need to press the 0 button several times to bypass the automated voice system in a timely fashion. You'll never be able

to close a credit account if you are stuck in the automated system -- you have to talk with a real person.

Tell the credit card company's customer service representative that you are calling about your credit card account with that bank, and would like to close the account.

Repeat, "I would like to close the account" when the representative asks why, offers you a lower interest rate, or tells you that closing the account will hurt your credit. Pick a line and repeat it: "Please close my account, ma'am." Do not engage in conversation about your reasons or what they can do to keep your business.

Ask the representative to remove your name and address from their promotional mailing database to ensure you don't receive advertisements or solicitations form them in the future.

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