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How do you extend unemployment benefits

how do you extend unemployment benefits

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Know your rights as an unemployed person in your state. Read the eligibility guidelines for your state's unemployment insurance benefits and verify that you meet them. Read that state's unemployment handbook thoroughly.

Complete the appeal form as soon as possible after you receive your benefits denial notice from the department of labor. Return it to the appeals board at the address listed on the form within the expiration time line. You will receive an appeal hearing notice from the appeals board with the hearing's date and location.

Gather all evidence that supports your version of events and contradicts the reasons you were denied benefits. For example, if you were denied benefits because your former employer says that you were fired

for not coming to work, you might use time cards to prove you were there. Or if you were denied for not working the minimum time at a position, you could use pay stubs to show otherwise.

Contact any witnesses that can corroborate your version of events and ask them to appear on your behalf. Ask the appeals board to subpoena any uncooperative witnesses if your state allows it.

Attend the hearing on the assigned date. Arrive on time, with the evidence you need to prove your eligibility for unemployment benefits. Give your testimony only when the hearing officer gives you permission to do so. Use a clear, calm voice when testifying. You will receive your appeals decision by mail within two weeks of the appeals hearing.

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