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How do you fix your credit

how do you fix your credit

How do you fix your credit score?

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If any errors are found, it's possible to have them removed by disputing them with the reporting agency and credit bureau. If there are any legitimate outstanding balances, they need to be paid off. Timely credit card payments are the key to improving credit. Setting up a payment reminder or an automatic payment are excellent ways to avoid late payments.

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How do you use credit cards to rebuild credit after bankruptcy?

Use credit cards to rebuild credit after bankruptcy by finding a bankruptcy-friendly creditor to obtain a credit card from and by making timely payments to help raise the credit score over time. Secured cards are one of the easiest types of cards to get, making them a

good option for rebuilding credit history.

How do you boost your credit score?

Boost your credit score by getting a credit card, maintaining a low "credit utilization ratio," keeping the number of accounts with debt to a minimum, paying bills on time and leaving current credit accounts open. This demonstrates responsible use of credit over a period of time, which raises your score.

How do you achieve an 800 credit score?

According to American Consumer Credit Counseling, people who want to achieve an 800 credit score should pay each and every one of their bills on time and not reach their credit limit. They should also always spend within their means, build a solid credit history and not apply for too many credit cards.

How can you raise your credit score fast?

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