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How do you get a high credit score

how do you get a high credit score

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Ok here is the deal I would like to geta 5k+ credit card just for emergencies and what not I currently know my Eq credit score is 692, I am not sure what my others areI currently have 4 credit cards with $0 balance and had all them for about 4 years now. here are the limits

Chase Limit $300 Balance $0

Capt 1 Limit $500 Balance $0

Circuit City Limite $1400 Balance $0 <- this will never be used again out of business hehe

Best buy Limit $1500 balance $0

now these were all recent paid off and are showing the $0 balance on my credit report my EQ report says my history is to short about 5 years. so I think that would be the only reason I would be declined. I recently called Capt 1 back door number to get a credit limit increase and I was declined not sure why yet.

Does anyone know where I can get a 5k+ credit limit Visa or Mastercard easily with my credit.

One other thing to add I have never been late on any of my bills mortgage. car loan or credit cards.

I doubt that you will get a $5,000 limit card over night in this current credit climate. I am thinking

that you might be able to get a new Bank of America card, possibly with a $1,000 credit limit. Chase is your only prime bank (not store) card. Normally I would recommend to ask for a credit limit increase from Chase before trying for higher limits from new cards. Unfortunately Chase would do a hard pull for a CLI request. Since Chase would pull hard, it is usually advisable to apply for another Chase card instead. You however already have another Chase issued card (Circuit City). It is therefore best to obtain a new card from a bank that actively competes with Chase by giving higher limits than already possessed on existing Chase cards.

I wonder why your credit score is not higher with a five year history and four year average age. Are there any negs at all that you have not mentioned? You mention mortgage and car loans, but don't provide details. Those details are important. Do you have other tradelines that you have not mentioned? Do you owe balances on those tradelines? Something seems to be missing in the summary of your credit file.

Another factor that is considered for credit limits is your income. One can't really give much specific advice about obtaining a $5K limit without knowing your income.

Congrats on being credit card debt free.

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