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A Habbo Home (sometimes referred to as Habbo Page or User Page ) is a page in which a user of Habbo Hotel can edit. His/Her Habbo Home is personal, and they put in notes about themselves, or post blogs etc.

A Habbo Home may be foun with the URL: by replacing "USERNAME" with the desired name of a Habbo.


Creating a Habbo Home

Your Habbo Home will automatically be created once you have registered a username on Habbo Hotel.

Before the great mute, when you would first visit your Habbo Home, there would be some pre-set notes on your page, instructing you on how to start editing. However, as notes where removed, these no longer show up.

Editing a Habbo Home

If you are logged into your account, you may click the gray 'Edit' button in the top left corner of your page to place and move your content. Make sure to save when your done!


Stickers can be placed onto your homepage to personalise it. Stickers can generally be placed into seven different categories. Click on a category to see the stickers involved. General Alphabets Christmas Valentine Habbowood More Occasions Limited edition


The default user page/widgets for all users.

There are many different backgrounds that one can personalise their homepage with. Here

is a slideshow of a few.

Changing an Item

To change an item, the player can click the Wrench Icon on the top-right corner of it. Clicking and dragging the Icon will cause the whole object to move. A normal click onto the wrench Icon can give you the option of removing the object. If the item is a widget or note, there will be an added option of changing the style of it.


The Inventory shows the Items that you own, and have not placed onto your Habbo Home. If you are in the Web Store, and just recently bought something, there will be a number in brackets, to show how many items you have bought. This number will disappear once you click on your Inventory. The Inventory is split into four categories: Stickers, Background, Widgets and Notes.


The My Profile widget is automatically placed on the Habbo Home when a player registers. This displays the player's username, character, motto. group badge, and their current badge.

This widget alphabetically lists all the groups the player is in. The group in which the player is wearing the badge is shown on the top of the list.

The guestbookwidgetallows other players to leave messages on the player's Habbo Home. Note: This feature has been removed due to The Great Mute .

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