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Get your FREE 2000 FACEBOOK CREDITS! NO SCAM NO surveys NO waste of time

Scam Signature Message.

Get your FREE 2000 FACEBOOK CREDITS! NO SCAM NO surveys NO waste of time no task its totally FREE this promo is available for the first 1000 persons only… CHECK IT OUT ENJOY..i got mine and it works get yours here 2000freefacebookcredits.blogspot[dot]com/

Why it’s a Scam:

Once you click on the Wall Post link, you are taken to the following page:

This blogspot[dot]com page is designed to look somewhat like a legitimate Facebook page. You are required to “like” the page and “share” the scam message with your friends before proceeding. Once you complete these actions and “Click to Get your Free 1000 Facebook credits,” the following survey scam loads:

Does this screen look familiar? If you have been a fan of Facecrooks for any length of time, then it should. This is the survey scammer’s end game. Each time someone completes a survey they get paid. Don’t complete any surveys and give them personal information they can use to do you harm.

Some surveys require you to download a game to proceed. These downloads often contain viruses or other malware that can infect your system. Never download anything from scams like this.

How to Deal with the Scam:

You need to clean up your Facebook account by removing and un-liking the post now showing on your Wall. Do this by clicking the “x” in the top right hand corner of the post. Select the option to remove and unlike.

If you made the mistake of submitting your cell phone number for any of the surveys, then you should contact your carrier immediately to keep any bogus charges from appearing. Some surveys require you to download files or games. Never do this – these downloads often contain trojans, viruses and other malware.

If you or your Facebook friends are falling for tricks like this, it’s time to get yourself informed of the latest threats. Be sure to join the Facecrooks page on Facebook to be kept informed of the latest security issues. Also check out:

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