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5 Ways To Get Gifts

Want free IMVU stuff?  You can’t get free imvu membership, but you can get gifts from anyone.  Check out the methods in this article:

#5. Join These Groups

This method is simple, honest, and pays off well because of one simple fact: there are developers who actually want to give you free stuff as long as you give their products good reviews afterwards.  Try these groups:

The groups will require you to do something in exchange for the gift.  But you can get a gift per day if you do this.

#4. Promise them an exclusive badge.

If you have the credits, invest into making a badge.  Advertise it on your profile as an exclusive gift badge, “anyone who gift’s you will receive the badge.”

This method isn’t good for everyone, since making a badge costs 100,000 credits.  But if you have the money and time, then go for it!

#3.  Beg people and friends to gift you.

This method will make many people hate you, and you’ll probably get booted from most rooms.  But what have you got to lose.  Try making up a sob story, to make people feel bad for you.  Or use your friendship as leverage.  This line seems to work often, “ugh im such an imvu noob v_v


If we had the time, we’d conduct a study… out of a 100 people, how many people actually gifted us.  We might make a post on this someday.

#2. Tell people it’s your birthday.

People are more likely to send you gifts if it’s your birthday.  When they check your profile, tell them you entered in the wrong date when making your account.  It doesn’t hurt to say something like, “Everyone forgot my birthday.  Worst birthday ever x_x”

You’d be surprised at how many gullible people will actually buy you a gift.  We hope you feel bad when they do.

#1. Tell people you’ll have sex with them.

To be honest, the only reason we wrote this post is because of this reason: people will give you gifts if you promise to have sex with them.  You’d be surprised at how many perverts are on IMVU… wait, no you wouldn’t.  Everyone knows IMVU is full of pervs.

Just look at it this way, you get to have sex AND you get a gift.  It’s a win-win for everyone.  And besides, it’s not like it’s real sex.  It’s virtual.

***Please note: IMVU Guide does not suggest doing any of the methods listed above.  We take zero responsibility for your actions.

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