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How do you get free imvu credits

how do you get free imvu credits

Thursday, June 5, 2008

How to get free imvu credits.

Are you mad about not being able to buy imvu credits. well,there is alot of people out there who are having trouble buying imvu credits but not anymore because here is a new way to get what you want. FREE. all you need is just to do a few little steps and you will be earning points to get imvu credits in no time. (Get free imvu credits here! ) There are just to easy steps to follow:

Step 1- signing up :

Well, you may need a little help here, it's not to just go and sign up but knowing what exactly to do. So here is the link that takes you to the page to begin earning imvu credits.

Make sure you use that pacific link above just click on it and sign up, it only takes a minute and besides it takes you exactly to the page.

Easy ways to earn points to buy imvu credits instantly:

Step 2 (after signing up):

there are alot

of things that you can do to rank up points like crazy,

do tasks- also gives you alot of points if your willing to make a few changes

do free offers- this gives you 30- 2400 mpoints

take part in competitions and win. ( no mpoints needed to enter!!)- win 100-10,000 mpoints

Why should you even earn points? well!!

When you get enough points you can become a VIP on IMVU. or just BUY your avatar name or get a name change token!!

also a SUPERSTAR on stardoll with a stardoll giftcard. neopets cash and also gaia cash!!MapleStory Nexon Card. get a membership on CLUBPENGUIN. Habbo Hotel cash. iTunes GiftCard. Zwinky Card.

and so much more. so what are you waiting for? Did i also mention you get free peds for Second life and alot of other awsome websites?

Are you still here? what are you waiting for? you could be ranking up points like crazy. to get what you want. and all this is FREE!!FREE!!FREE!!

here are ways to get you what you want instantly!!

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